Slashing services in Harlow

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David Cameron says that he will,

“Create a supportive funding environment for volunteer-based charities and community groups.”

But Tory-run Harlow is slashing voluntary sector funding in their budget for 2010-11.

They are:

  • Cutting grants to voluntary sector organisations by 23%.  This comes on top of a 13% cut in the 2009-10 budget.  The  Tories confirm that this will mean there is,

“Likely to be a reduction in services available.”

  • Cutting all funding to Harlow’s Active Retired Scheme which provides activities for Harlow’s over 50’s.  The scheme has 500 members.
  • Stopping discretionary rate tax relief for charitable organisations

David Cameron says that we should encourage a “Green Consumer Revolution” by rewarding recycling.

His Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Nick Herbert, says a scheme where the public are paid to recycle is “impressive” and that,

“We need to think far more creatively about how to reward consumers for doing the right thing.”

But Harlow Tories are going to charge residents who want to recycle their green waste £75 per year.

These cuts come on top of the cuts and hikes in charges that the Tories in Harlow implremented in 2009-10.

These cuts included:

  • 82% slashed from Harlow Advice Centre
  • £161,000 cut to organisations such as Rainbow Services, which provides facilities for voluntary sector organisations and Women’s Aid
  • 8 sheltered housing schemes decommissioned
  • £40,000 slashed from Harlow Museum
  • £24,000 slashed from Harlow Youth Council and youth work

The Tories say nationally they will protect frontline services but locally, like in Tory Harlow, they cut valued local services.

Information provided by Bill Rammall, MP for Harlow, Nazeing, Roydon and Sheering


Leeds council closes day centres

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David Cameron says he wants to,

“Create a supportive funding environment for volunteer-based charities and community groups.”

Tory/Lib Dem-run Leeds City Council originally approved the closure of six day centres for older people after a proposal was tabled in July 2009.

Despite efforts to stop the closures and protests by experts, Leeds City Council is going ahead with the closure of three of these much-needed centres for the most vulnerable in the community.

Leeds council demolishes learning centre

March 1, 2010 at 10:02 pm | Posted in Yorkshire and the Humber | Comments Off on Leeds council demolishes learning centre
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Leeds City Council – run by a Tory, Lib Dem and Independent coalition – has spent nearly £1 million demolishing East Leeds Family Learning Centre, a once-flagship training and job centre which had fallen into disrepair.

Over recent years, the centre has fallen into disrepair and the council finally took the decision to demolish it despite unemployment in the area being at 32%.  The council has made little progress in providing a replacement service in the local area.

The centre had a proven track record of getting local people back into work with by working with local employers like Tesco.  It gave people training and confidence to look for new opportunities.

Cameron’s Conservatives say that they will provide funding for a:

“Network of Work Clubs where people will receive mentoring, skills training and help to find local job opportunities.”

They say this whilst closing centres like the East Leeds Family Learning Centre.

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