Cuts in Wolverhampton target the elderly and the vulnerable

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The Tory/Lib Dem leadership of Wolverhampton Council has passed a budget taking a decision to go for full cost recovery for all but the most basic of public services.  This is hitting families and vulnerable people with charges they can’t afford for services they need.

In September 2009, Wolverhampton Council proposed a new round of £7.6 million spending cuts on top of the £14.3 million they had already proposed in February 2009.

The cuts and hike in charges include:

• Hot meal charges for the elderly to be raised by a whopping 83% in total

• Cremation fees will rise 6%, internment fees by 5% and grave lease fees by 50%.

• Cuts of £300K in the Youth Service and £46k in community play.

• Closure of the Visitor Information Centre in Queens Square.

• Cuts of £200K in grants to Voluntary Sector Neighbourhood and Community Safety.

• Reduction in opening hours of Anchor Lane and Shaw Road Civic Amenity sites.

• Merry Hill and Langley Court Day Centres for the elderly to be closed.

• Blakenhall Resource Centre, a respite centre for older people with mental health needs, to be privatised.

Information provided by Councillor Roger Lawrence, Leader of the Labour Group, Wolverhampton Council


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