They’ve said it themselves – Tory Councils show, both by their actions and by
what they say, exactly what a Conservative government would look like.

“You demonstrate Conservative government. Your values… represent our party in action.”
David Cameron, speech to Conservative Councillors Association.

“Conservative Whitehall will have much to learn from Conservative town halls.”
George Osborne, speech to Conservative councillors.

“Our Conservative Councils will demonstrate how we will run the

Eric Pickles, Conservative Party Chairman.

As we reveal here, in power, Cameron’s Conservative Councils stand for:

• Unfairness – hitting middle income working families who need good local
services but making them pay twice

• Driven by dogma – not the interests of local people

• Saying one thing, and doing another – trying to sound progressive but
putting Conservative policies into action for the wealthy few not the many

• Threat to recovery – blocking measures on job and economic development

Many Conservative councils are disguising their true plans, actively bidding for Labour Government funding to create new jobs or build new houses.  Some even have the cheek to tell their voters they need more money, while campaigning for Conservative Government that would slash frontline services!

But this blog shows what the Conservative’s leading councils and local government policy makers are really thinking. As David Cameron announced, under a Tory Government, councils will be able to do

“literally whatever they like” as long as they do not break the law.

This blog is bought to you by local councillors, MPs and campaigners like Stephen Cowan, who as a councillor in Tory Hammermith and Fulham sees daily what Conservative councils are like in action.


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