Slashing investment in homes, threatening recovery

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Last year, Caroline Spelman, Cameron’s Local Government Shadow, wrote to all Tory Councils, urging them to cut the financial ground from under builders by delaying housing building and commercial and business developments.

The Housebuilders Federation have called Tory plans high riskpotentially having “unintended consequences” and posing “significant concerns” for the housebuilding industry and “would lead to a hiatus in planning for housing.”

Spelman told her Tory Councils last year that a Tory government would back them by looking to bring in legislation to “revoke the Regional Spatial Strategies” (which help deliver the new housing) and urged Tory Town Halls,

“Even before primary legislation is passed, local authorities will have the ability to put the brakes on elements of Regional Spatial Strategies which they find undesirable.”

And to back up the threat to builders who start construction on new housing
later blocked by a Tory Government, said:

“We will not pay a penny of compensation.”

Whilst Caroline Spelman tries to block new house building, the Tory Housing Shadow says to The Observer,

“We are unabashed about the need for more housing.”

The Tories are saying one thing and doing another on housing and their plans are high risk and would be a threat to the recovery.


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