Cuts and financial u-turns in Nottinghamshire

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Tory-run Nottinghamshire Council cuts has passed £28.7million cuts.  The council was previously forced to reverse £4.6 million of their proposed £33.3million cuts.

Over 30,000 local residents responded to their consultation, of which only 24 supported their cutback proposals.

The cuts will include:

  • £800,000 slashed from residential care homes
  • Meals on wheels – currently cost £2.35 a meal will cost £3.95 by April 2011
  • £150,000 slashed from Welfare Rights
  • Sale of residential care homes –  the sale of the council’s 13 residential care homes has been confirmed
  • Cancellation of concessionary fares for elderly & disabled people and their carers cancelled before 9.30am

This is another example of the Tories saying and doing another when on the Conservative website, they say,

“We need to help those elderly people who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society.”

but are pushing through cuts to the most vulnerable.

Left Foot Forward have also been following this latest example of a Tory council saying one thing and then doing another.

Unison (East Midlands) have been campaigning against the cuts and provided Nottinghamshire County Council with an alternative plan.


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