Saying one thing, doing another in Walsall

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On the Conservative’s website they say,

“We need to help those elderly people who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society.”

But Tory-run Walsall council has voted to cut more than £5million from adult social services funding.  They have so far not let on where the cuts will fall.

Shadow Minister for Women, Theresa May, says she,

“Welcomes any measures to make it easier for (women) to get on with their lives free from abuse.”

David Cameron says he wants to,

“Create a supportive funding environment for volunteer-based charities and community groups.”

But Walsall Tories have slashed funding by £77k for a domestic violence unit that has reduced violent incidents by 12% in 2009.

The Conservatives say that they are,

“Committed to fostering an environment in which sport can flourish.”

But the  Walsall Tory budget for 2010-11 which is likely to force Willenhall Leisure Centre to close.

Walsall Tories are also cutting the opening hours to public toilets in the borough  resulting in shorter opening hours.

Tories are saying one thing nationally and another locally.

Information provided by Councillor Tim Oliver, Leader of the Labour Group, Walsall Council.


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