Conservative councils are hitting middle income working families who need good local services but are ramping up charges and making sweeping cutbacks.

Every council should make every taxpayer’s pound work as hard as it can.
Labour Councils have led the way in saving money and defending frontline
services.  But when money is tight there are choices to be made and priorities to be set.

Time and time again, Tory councils show their priorities are for the wealthy
few, not for middle income families or those with little money. Most people
can’t afford to pay taxes, and then pay again before they get a good service like the Tory Barnet ‘no frills’ approach.

Cuts in Oxfordshire

Tory-run Brighton slashes investment in young people

Swindon Tories slash budgets and raise charges

Unacceptable art dealing by Southampton Tories

Cuts and financial u-turns in Nottinghamshire

Cuts in Wolverhampton target the elderly and vulnerable

Norfolk Tories propose shutting day centres for the elderly

Cuts in Coventry hit the most vulnerable

Charges for the disabled in Cheshire West

Unfair in Southampton

More contempt for council tenants in Kensington & Chelsea

Our taxes paying for private schools in Bromley

Paying for essential care in Hammersmith and Fulham


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