True blue not green Tories in Calderdale

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The Tories say that they will,

“We will introduce a new approach to waste management, one which minimises waste and promotes recycling.”

But Tories in Calderdale decided to remove the council’s  recycling contract from a local social enterprise who gave jobs to disadvantaged young people in favour of a multi-national company.  The social enterprise used the money earned from the recycling to help disadvantaged people into employment.

Although the multi-national originally agreed to work with the local social enterprise, according to its chief executive, “things started to change”, shortly after the multi-national took over the contract.

This is an example of how the Tories are still true blue rather than green.


Calderdale Tories putting the vulnerable at risk

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David Cameron says that,

“We need to help those elderly people who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society.”

But Tory-run Calderdale is putting the most vulnerable at risk by splitting responsibility for all home care in the district between six private companies and the council.  This is to save £200,000 from the council budget.

This is another example of Tories saying one thing nationally and doing another locally.

52 Tory-run councils have not signed up to free swimming

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52 Tory-run councils have not signed up to the Government’s scheme to provide free swimming for children and pensioners.

As the Tory Leader of Southampton Council, Alec Samuels says:

“We do not in principle favour ‘free this and free that’, such as swimming or transport, school meals or computers or whatever it is.”

Conservative Councils are choosing not to provide services for dogmatic reasons.


Councils not taking part in the free swimming scheme as of 15 December 2009:

Basingstoke & Deane
East Devon
East Dorset
East Northamptonshire
East Riding of Yorkshire
Forest of Dean
Isle of Wight
Mid Sussex
North Hertfordshire
Nuneaton & Bedworth
South Northamptonshire
South Oxfordshire
Test Valley
Tonbridge & Malling
Tunbridge Wells
West Oxfordshire
West Somerset
Weymouth & Portland

Cuts in scrutiny across the country

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David Cameron says that he wants to,

“Make our politics more local, more transparent and more accountable”

But Tory Councils are cutting the committees that examine council policy and make councils accountable to the taxpayer.

The Tories running Lancashire County Council have reduced the number of scrutiny officials employed by the council by 40%.  They will also scrap the ‘Lancashire Locals’ at the end of March.  This will scrap five local committees resulting in local residents having to take a round trip of up to 50 miles to attend meetings and find out what is happening.

In Bradford, spending on scrutiny was reduced by 25% between 2007/8 and 2008/9.

In Tory-run Croydon, the council have cut two of the committees which examine council spending whilst keeping staffing levels lower than under the previous Labour council and is holding posts vacant.

In Tory Southampton, the council is cutting two of the committees which examine council spending.

Tory-Lib Dem Birmingham Council  proposed to stop distributing council papers at meetings.   Committees would no longer give papers to members of the public or journalists making it impossible for anyone attending a meeting to follow what was happening.   The council was eventually forced into an embarassing u-turn.

Leeds council closes day centres

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David Cameron says he wants to,

“Create a supportive funding environment for volunteer-based charities and community groups.”

Tory/Lib Dem-run Leeds City Council originally approved the closure of six day centres for older people after a proposal was tabled in July 2009.

Despite efforts to stop the closures and protests by experts, Leeds City Council is going ahead with the closure of three of these much-needed centres for the most vulnerable in the community.

Leeds council demolishes learning centre

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Leeds City Council – run by a Tory, Lib Dem and Independent coalition – has spent nearly £1 million demolishing East Leeds Family Learning Centre, a once-flagship training and job centre which had fallen into disrepair.

Over recent years, the centre has fallen into disrepair and the council finally took the decision to demolish it despite unemployment in the area being at 32%.  The council has made little progress in providing a replacement service in the local area.

The centre had a proven track record of getting local people back into work with by working with local employers like Tesco.  It gave people training and confidence to look for new opportunities.

Cameron’s Conservatives say that they will provide funding for a:

“Network of Work Clubs where people will receive mentoring, skills training and help to find local job opportunities.”

They say this whilst closing centres like the East Leeds Family Learning Centre.

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