Saying one thing…

David Cameron’s ambition for power means that he and his front bench will say whatever he thinks people want to hear.  But they are guided by short term headlines for his party not the long-term interests of the country.

They say one thing to the country but it his councils that reveal the real blueprint for a Tory government.

Swindon Tories slash budgets and raise charges

Carlisle Tories slash nearly 20% from community centres

Cuts and financial u-turns in Nottinghamshire

No help for families in Southampton

Saying one thing, doing another in Walsall

CAB funding slashed by a third in Rossendale

Calderdale Tories put the vulnerable at risk

Cuts and hikes in charges from Bexley Tories

Westminster Tories cut nearly 80 voluntary projects

Cuts in scrutiny across the country

Cuts in funding for young people in London

Slashing investment in homes, threatening recovery

No to helping the homeless in Hammersmith and Fulham

True blue not green

Massive increase in charges in Tory Wandsworth

Our taxes paying for private schools in Bromley


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