Massive increases in charges in Tory Wandsworth

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In Tory-run Wandsworth, the cost of Meals on Wheels has gone up a staggering 43% between 2005 and 2010.  This is 26% above the rate of inflation.

The cost of a swim in Latchmere Leisure centre in Wandsworth has increased at 3% above inflation between 2005 and 2010.

Between 2006 and 2009, prices for adult social care, for the most vulnerable in our society increased by:

Adult day care : 148% (£5.00 to £12.40)

Home Care: 48.5% (£10.30-£15.30)

The average increase in council services in this period was 16%.

These prices are hitting the young, old and vulnerable in Wandsworth.

Between 2006 and 2009, resident parking permits also increased with some increased by 44%.

We know why this is happening.  Eddie Lister, Leader of the Tory council in Wandsworth, says that local councils should hike up the prices of local services as far as they can go.  He says:

“We will look to increase charges as far as possible beyond inflation so that consumers of the services are bearing the full cost.”

He’s prepared to play Tory politics with services that people rely on.  He says:

“It is worth taking a trial and error approach to see just what the market [residents] will bear.”

So while, with one hand, the Tory council appears to give by making reductions in council tax, they take from families and the vulnerable in our communities with the other hand with huge charges.

And on the Conservative website, they say,

“We need to help those elderly people who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society.”

This is an example of the Tories saying one thing and doing another.

Information from Councillor Tony Belton, Labour Leader, Wandsworth Council


Hiding the truth

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The Tories are keen to hide their instincts with PR and the media.  Giving advice to his fellow Tories on how to drive the Tory agenda, Councillor Eddie Lister from Wandsworth explains:

“Successfully managing the PR and the media will be important for
these high key changes which may involve closing schools or shutting down facilities which are well-loved by their users and families. In major cases, a carefully thought out campaign will be needed to win the day.”

The actions of Tory Councils shows the instincts of the Conservative Party
haven’t changed. The difference is they are now a blueprint for a Cameron
Tory government.

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